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Questions To Ask Local Moving Companies

9 Questions To Ask Local Moving Companies

As you start the search for a moving company, it’s important to have a list of questions to ask each company. The only way you will be able to fairly evaluate a handful of companies is by asking each one the same set of questions so you can compare the answers. Today, Tom’s Marathon Movers offers you nine questions to ask local moving companies before making a decision for your move.

Are You a Broker or a Carrier?

A brokerage moonlighting as a moving company will outsource the work it receives from clients to moving companies with which it has partnerships. A carrier will actually perform the moving work with the crew it has in-house. Going with a brokerage will likely save you money, but going with a carrier gives you better peace of mind.

Are You a Full-Service Moving Company?

Full-service local moving companies in Southern California make your life much easier when moving to a new home or office. Full-service companies do everything for you from packing to loading the truck to transporting your items to unpacking at your new destination.

Can You Provide Me With Testimonials?

Every reputable moving company should be able to provide potential clients with testimonials from previous or repeat customers. A trusted company will want to share the positive comments customers leave online.

Are Your Employees Put Through Background Checks?

Some moving companies will hire literally anyone who walks through the door and completes an application. However, you should find out if the company you might use for your move conducts background checks on its employees. A background check can help a moving company avoid hiring candidates who were fired from previous jobs for theft.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Most local moving companies have a cancellation policy in place to protect the company and the client. You might be required to cancel more than 24 hours before a scheduled move in order to avoid a penalty fee. However, emergencies do happen, and the moving company might understand and let things slide. You should find out before signing a contract what the cancellation policy is just to be safe.

What Discounts Do You Offer?

Local moving companies often provide customers with various discounts. Some of the most common moving company discounts include the following:

  • Senior discounts
  • Military discounts
  • Seasonal discounts
  • AAA discounts

How Can I Pay for the Move?

Not all local moving companies will accept payment via credit card, which is what you might want to use as a payment method if the move is expensive. Some companies won’t even accept personal checks. Others offer discounts if you pay in full via cash. Find out ahead of time how you can pay so that you have the proper payment method on the day of the move.

Do You Charge for an Estimate?

No, Tom’s Marathon Movers will never charge potential customers for an estimate. When we visit your property to evaluate the job, we will examine every single room in your home or office, including the garage and the basement to provide you with an accurate estimate for the job.

How Do You Determine Your Prices?

Most local moving companies determine prices using the following:

  • Seasonality
  • Shipping distance
  • Shipping weight
  • Hourly labor rates

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As you prepare to move to a new office or home, you should research multiple local moving companies before making a decision. These questions to ask local moving companies will help you pick the right company. Then, contact Tom’s Marathon Movers in Southern California or call us at (310) 397-3607 to schedule a free estimate.