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6 Reasons To Hire Movers Near Me Over DIY

Planning a move to a new home or office is stressful. It becomes even more stressful and challenging when you decide to conduct the move on your own. It might seem like a good idea to utilize family members and friends to help with the move so you can save some money. But, a do-it-yourself move can lead to a lot of mistakes, accidents, and injuries. Below, Tom’s Marathon Movers explains six reasons why you should hire movers near me instead of doing it by yourself.

You Have More Time for Other Aspects of the Move

One of the biggest advantages of hiring movers near me for your move is that you will have more time to handle other areas of the project. When you handle the move on your own you have to pack, load the truck, transport the items, unload the truck, unpack, and handle every other aspect of the move. Other items you can focus on include the utilities, not leaving anything behind, the inspections, and much more.

No Worries About How to Pack

Concerned about how to pack your utensils, plates, art collection, or clothes for the move? You won’t have to worry about doing it the wrong way when you hire movers near me instead of handling the move by yourself. The experienced team at Tom’s Marathon Movers will not only pack the items for you properly, but we will also make sure we use the right packing materials to protect items from damage.

Your Items Will be Insured

If you decide to conduct a move on your own, your items will not be insured. This means that if something breaks, something is stolen or goes missing, or you leave items behind, you will have to pay out of your own pocket to repair or replace them. When you work with a moving company, your items will be insured for the entirety of the move.

You Don’t Have to Drive a Truck

Driving a moving truck is daunting. It is much different than driving your pickup truck or SUV when it is loaded with your belongings. Moving trucks are longer, wider, and heavier. They take longer to get up to the speed limit because of their weight. When you hire movers near me for your move, you won’t have to worry about driving the moving truck. Or, even sharing driving duties with someone else.

No Heavy Lifting

Worried about blowing out your back when moving to a new home? Worry no more when you hire movers near me. The moving company can handle all of the heavy liftings for you during the move. If you don’t want to have a hand in any aspect of the move, you won’t have to when you work with the team from Tom’s Marathon Movers in Southern California.

Have a Strong Inventory System

You might think that your inventory system is perfect. But you haven’t seen a strong inventory system until you’ve encountered one from a moving company. Movers near me from Tom’s Marathon Movers utilize the best inventory system around to ensure that you know where all of your items are at all times.

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As you prepare for a move to a new home or office, your best bet is to hire movers near me instead of trying your hand at a do-it-yourself move. Contact the trusted team at Tom’s Marathon Movers in Southern California or call us at (310) 397-3607 to schedule your move or a free estimate today.