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Moving Mistakes

Local Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Getting ready to move to a new home or office takes a lot of planning. It’s a very involved process that can take weeks to complete. However, you might not have weeks if the move is for a new job or if you need to vacate your current home because of unforeseen circumstances. Even if you have a little extra time to pack and move, you still want to ensure that you avoid these common local moving mistakes.

Don’t Forget to Measure

Measuring furniture, rooms in your new home, and doorways make a move easier for everyone involved. If furniture won’t fit through the doorway at your new home, you might have to leave it behind for the new owners, donate it, or sell it. Buying new furniture for your new home can make life a lot less stressful when you know you have to do it ahead of moving day.

Failing to Label Boxes

Even if you are using Tom’s Marathon Movers to help you with your move, you should still label all of the boxes. Either ask a member of our team to do it or someone from your family should do it. Not labeling boxes creates a lot of extra work for you upon your arrival at the new home. Boxes will be unloaded in the wrong rooms, leading to hours of shuffling items to rooms where they belong.

Packing Flammable Materials

There’s zero reason to pack and transport flammable, corrosive, or explosive materials. First off, it’s incredibly dangerous and almost every local moving company will tell you they won’t do it. Second, you will be breaking the law. Just don’t bring these items with you.

Losing the Bill of Lading

Ever wonder what the contract is called between you and the local moving company you hire? It’s called the bill of lading. It outlines everything the two parties agreed upon before signing it. If an issue arises during the move, you will want to refer to the bill of lading as to how the issue should be handled. If you lose the bill of lading, you will have difficulty holding the moving company responsible for the issue.

Not Paying Attention to Taxes

Did you know that certain items related to moving that can be deducted from your income taxes with the IRS? Before you schedule the move, be sure to speak with your accountant about what can be deducted. If you don’t have the opportunity to have this discussion before moving, save all of the receipts you accrue that relate to the move.

Not Changing Your Address

Do not leave your old home or office before changing the address on your mail. If you don’t want your mail beating you to your new home or office you can have the mail sent to a P.O. Box or a digital mailbox. Just make sure you forward your mail to a new location so the new residents aren’t receiving your mail.

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