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6 Tips For Hiring Packing And Moving Services

Preparing for a move isn’t easy, no matter how many times you’ve moved in the past. Finding the right moving company for the job is also a challenge, especially when so many claim they will handle your items with care and treat your property with respect. However, you can’t simply choose any moving company you encounter for the job. You need to research multiple packing and moving services before making a decision and these six tips should help you with that search.

Avoid Paying a Large Deposit

Whatever you do, don’t work with a company that demands a large deposit before moving day. The most reputable packing and moving services will not require a deposit or ask that you only pay in cash. Instead, trust moving companies will only request payment from you upon delivery of your furniture and other belongings.

Ask for References

Trusted moving companies will have a website that features customer testimonials on it. A moving company should have no trouble sharing comments made by customers publicly. When companies bury their customer testimonials or have difficulty providing them to potential customers, this should be a red flag for subpar performance.

Ask for a Thorough Estimate

Tom’s Marathon Movers provides customers with free estimates. We also ensure that the estimate is built after a thorough walkthrough of your home or office. We will not feel comfortable providing you with an estimate if we haven’t seen every room of your home, including the basement and garage, or every nook and cranny of your office.

Licensing and Insurance Policies Must be Present

All reputable packing and moving services should have their licensing and insurance policies ready to show potential customers. The license number should be published on their website and business cards. If a company cannot produce copies of insurance policies or refuse to, it’s in your best interest to walk away from them immediately.

Stick to Companies with One Name

Tom’s Marathon Movers. That’s been our name since day one and will continue to be our name moving forward. Companies with multiple names or that routinely switch their names do so in an effort to avoid the Better Business Bureau. You can rest assured that Tom’s Marathon Movers will be here for you at all times throughout the move and can be found during a search with the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t Accept Blank Contracts

Never accept or sign a blank moving contract from packing and moving services. Doing so could bring on a lot of pain and undue stress during the moving process. You should get everything in writing before putting pen to paper. When you sign a blank contract you will run the risk of the move ending in disaster.

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