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6 Pro Tips When Packing To Move

When you’re moving, one of the biggest hurdles is packing to move and knowing where to start. You may think that one way is the best and then come to find out later that your belongings were damaged en route because it was not the best way to move. We have compiled six pro tips for you to follow to pack like a pro.

Pack in Advance

Once you have a move-in date, you can start making a plan for packing to move. You can start with things that you do not use often or daily such as seasonal items, basements, and guest rooms. Packing these items can save you a lot of time later. Next, you should start gathering materials so that you can easily get packing done and do not have to stop midway to get more supplies.

Start Anywhere

You may think there is a specific area of your home to start and that you should leave the kitchen last. That would be incorrect. As we mentioned, start in areas that you do not use. Next, take a look at your daily routine and determine what you do not need or use often. The kitchen can have many glasses and pans that you do not use. Start packing these and leave your daily drivers to the end. This can also apply to your office or other areas of your home.

The Packing Zone

Having stuff all over can be counterproductive when it comes to packing to move. Have a designated parking zone where all of your supplies can be found. As you go through each room this can be a corner of the room. You can also have a designated room in your home where everything that has been packed lives until it is time to go.

Labels Make a Difference

Labeling boxes and knowing where things belong goes a long way. Label the room it belongs in, the contents, which side goes up, and if it is fragile or not.

Pack the Heavy Items on the Bottom

This might be an obvious one, but the heavy stuff should always go on the bottom and light stuff on top. This is not only for individual boxes, but also when placing items in the moving truck.

Closets and Dressers

You may think that taking everything out of your dresser is essential. It is actually the opposite. Leave your clothes in drawers, when you are packing to move, this can make the unpacking process easier. Take out any valuables or fragile items. Depending on how heavy the dresser is, you will either have to take out the drawers and wrap them or you can place the entire dresser as is in the moving van.  When it comes to the closet, do not take all of your clothes off the hangers. Instead, wrap them in garbage bags or place them in a wardrobe box for safe travels.

Tom’s Marathon Moving is Your Go-To Moving Company

You can color-code your boxes and take pictures of the contents to easily find what you are looking for when you get to your new location. There may be items that cannot wait for a later date to unpack and knowing where they are is essential to find them quickly. Contact Tom’s Marathon Moving LLC or call us at (310) 397-3607 for your full service and commercial moving needs.