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6 Commercial Moving Tips From The Pros

We see it all the time in the workplace. As a business grows, it is sometimes necessary to relocate to a more suitable space. Like relocating homes, moving a business is not easy. To successfully do so, you need the expertise of a professional commercial moving company. The following tips are courtesy of the professional commercial moving team at Tom’s Marathon Movers who offer tips on doing the job right. These include ways to save time and money.

Plan Far Enough in Advance

Generally, it is very challenging to schedule commercial moves in just a few days or the day of the move. In fact, planning should start about four to six months before the desired moving date. For instance, start by gathering information for a timeline to follow that includes deadlines for budgeting, interviewing, and choosing a full-service commercial moving company, and scheduling a cleaning company for setup at the new space. Also, it is advisable to schedule commercial moving professionals about three months in advance.

Update Customers And Vendors

You want to ensure that the move does not come as a surprise or catch any important vendors or clients off guard. Order all the supplies that you will need at the new location in advance as well. For the benefit of everyone involved with the company, provide a way for customers to continue to reach the business by sending out notices by mail and email. Look to update the company website, letterheads, and business cards beforehand too.

Downsize To Save

Moving creates the perfect chance for you to go through belongings and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. The more excess a business can discard, the easier the commercial moving process will be. This cuts down on moving costs and saves you more time when packing and unpacking.

Delegate Duties as Moving Day Nears

In an effort to attain the most success, you should compile a list of tasks with deadlines before moving day. The list needs to cover everything from closing or completing unfinished projects to sorting and storing all the business essentials like records and equipment. By dividing up the list for each department or employee, everyone is involved and can help in certain areas.

Create an Unpacking Plan

For any business move, you might want to consider scheduling and executing with the help of a commercial moving company. You can create a plan for unpacking that includes first setting up the network and running or reconnecting all machines. Discuss with employees to make sure everyone is on the same page on what is expected of them so normal work schedules can resume.

Seek The Help Of Commercial Movers

Having a good plan in place is essential for moving any business. The commercial movers you hire for the move can help you with just about any task. This includes setting up the new location with heavy furniture before they complete the project. Take advantage of advanced preparations for a smooth operation.

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