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5 DIY Mistakes Packaging And Moving Companies Will Not Make

Packing all of your belongings is a very important step before any move. Going about this process should be done with the utmost consideration. If not, you will end up having a lot of costly damages and unusable items. And, you will need to throw them in the trash eventually. You want to invest in packing and moving companies to ensure all your valuables are properly packed and safely transported to your new place.

While DIY options are great for saving money, they can lead to several mistakes. These examples are ones that professional packing and moving companies like Tom’s Marathon Movers will not make. 

Underestimating the Number of Packing Supplies You Need

Hiring a packing and moving company is your best bet in making sure you have more than enough supplies for your move. Professional packing and moving businesses take into account any accidents that may include damages to boxes during the packing process, the client packing more items, or repacking for safety measures. 

For the DIY mover, sometimes these factors are overlooked or forgotten. With the right moving company, you will have more than enough supplies and equipment to make up for any additions or small mishaps.

Forgetting to Pack Certain Things

With the help of packing and moving companies, potential movers avoid the mistake of forgetting to pack valuables in the proper boxes. Professional moving assistance will compel you to create an inventory before you start packing. Of course, that will help keep track of everything you own. As you pack your belongings, you can check off each one from the list. If you find yourself in a situation where you need an item, you will have no problem locating it.

Failing to Maximize the Space in Each Box

The importance of not overpacking is key. But, as a mover, you still need to maximize the space in each box. If you fail to do so, you end up moving with hundreds of unnecessary boxes. Professional packing and moving companies make sure you avoid leaving empty spaces inside boxes and make the most of the space available. 

Larger and heavier belongings go into the boxes first then the smaller items go on top. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and crumpled paper should be used to fill in any empty spaces and work as additional cushioning.

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